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Managing your information on your displays.

You want to build your network information space, increase the attendance of your store, mall,

beauty shop, etc.?  Or, if you have a club, or a chain of coffee shops, bars or restaurants, how do you like the idea of building your own information space, increasing the number of visitors of your bar, coffee shop or club thus making your customer loyalty greater?

We offer a range of services securing the broadcasting of your information on video displays at public places, such as malls, beauty shops, theaters and movie theaters, sport facilities, car dealers, business centers, schools, universities, hospitals, resorts. Our service will help you simultaneously show any information on displays installed at your rooms.




with our service: 

  • Centralized and prompt changing of the content and information/advertising images
  • Huge savings on operating expenses (posters, stickers, etc.)
  • Room for maneuver: adjusting prices, dressing your information for an upcoming holiday for mere 2-3 days. You can create all needed formats for all holidays and events for a year ahead and not return to this issue until the following year!
  • Minimum launching periods for your advertising campaign
  • Your information will not only be displayed circle-wise as in regular systems but based on a schedule clearly defined for several months ahead with the opportunity of monthly or instant updates depending on the content.
  • You will not need to get in all technical issues! Your starting materials, schedule and positioning of such materials on the screen will suffice.
  •  More displays in the future will not be a problem
  •  For chain customers, monthly cost of the service are comparable to the salary of one employee for the whole chain. Employees come and leave but the need for a systemic service remains.


Our service is the technical support of automated broadcasting of your information based on your schedule.

This will do on any modern standard equipment, such and LCDs, plasma, beamers or LED displays. To launch the service you only need to connect to the display an inexpensive Android mini computer with our unique application and provide this with the Internet access.

We'll make all core information updates and displays based on your specifications remotely over the Internet, you'll only need to send all needed materials and the schedule of their display by e-mail.

  • Advertising your own goods and services in various modes
  • Hot offers and promos
  • Information on discounts
  • Areas to rent
  • Vacancies at your organization
  • Entertaining video clips
  • News feeds
  • Weather forecast
  • Exchange rates
  • Up-to-date announcements
  • Show timing
  • Performance posters
  • Seminar/lesson/event schedules

Or any other information you deem needed


HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafe) businesses discover nearly unlimited opportunities to promote their services. With our service you can

quickly and without any extra time consumption bring various information to your customers based on your schedule. This service allows easy increasing of loyal customers and make outlets comfortable and modern.

At restaurants, clubs, cafes and bars you will show any information on any displays, for example:

  • Photos of delicious, nicely decorated dishes included in menus together with their weight, portions and prices the values of which can be easily changed without extra costs, which is fairly important today; fragments of video clips demonstrating different phases of cooking house specialties
  • Video presentation of your chef's unique dishes will be the zest of your outlet making this distinct from most other outlets.
  • Announcing new dishes, advertising novelties from your menu
  • Video wine cards and videos of other drinks including brief infos on their composition, manufacturer, aging, etc.
  • Video greeting from restaurant's owner or chef: a couple of warm words and endearing footage will become your outlet's carte-de-visite. Customers care who cooks the dishes offered, how professional and experienced this person is, how prepossessing he or she is.
  • Contact details of the food delivery service.
  •  Information on contests, exclusive shows and events at your outlet, posting of entertainment events and actor performances at your outlet, information on reserved tables.
  • Advertising clips on promos and offers of both your outlet and your partners.


How this works: 

This pattern is given as an example of service operation on 3 monitors within one room. And you can simultaneously connect as many such rooms as you need. From our server over cloud service over your wi-fi Internet connection all information updates flow to microcomputers connected to TVs (displays). Before that you send us all information to our e-mail together with the schedule of its display times. There is nothing easier!


Hardware needed to launch the service on one display: 

  1. Video display with HDMI input
  2. Android 4.2.2 or higher compatible mini computer with HDMI input. 
  3. Mini computer's Internet access for information updates.
  4. Connection to our service


This website only shows part of our system's technical capabilities to avoid overloading you with information. We are continuously working on new capabilities striving to make our service yet better and extend its capabilities for you.

Please, do not hesitate contacting us any time. We are always happy to provide you with an unrepeatable information solution! In addition to technical support, we'll always help you create advertising and information content of any type and our partners will always help you install any number of video displays, please, write us right now!

We are interested in your success and do our best for this!

*In these examples all name logos are property of their legal owners, video clips were produced based on their orders and are only placed on this website as an example and as a part of studio portfolio.

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